FAQ about Kibion® Dynamic

Do I have to regularly check the Kibion Dynamic instrument?
No, there is no user required maintenance necessary. The Dynamic should be checked once per year by a Kibion service technician or a qualified service technician of a dedicated Kibion distributor. For flawless function Kibion recommends a yearly service including change of filter.

How often does the Dynamic need to be calibrated?
The automatic daily calibration needs to be performed every measurement day. The monthly calibration should be performed monthly.

Where can I find my test results after I deleted the measurement list?
You can find all test results under Database -> Results.

When I try to perform the concentration calibration I get “concentration too low”. How can I fix this?
The concentration calibration requires a breath sample with at least 3,5 Vol. % CO2 to cover the full range of samples. If you experience problems achieving this please try the following:

  • Hold your breath for 30 seconds or longer
  • Walk around while holding your breath to increase your CO2-production
  • Make sure to use a bag with a volume >1 L
  • Try to exhale some air BEFORE you exhale into the breath bag
  • Make sure you have eaten something before – if you are hungry the CO2 production will be reduced
  • If you still encounter problems ask a colleague to help you

I receive an “I/O connection error” when I start a measurement. What can I do?
Turn off the instrument. Turn it on again and wait for 2 minutes before you log in.

If you still receive the error please contact your local distributor or send a mail to support[at]kibion.com.